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Set Classic Paint in Windows 10

Set Classic Paint in Windows 10

Today, we'll tell you how we set classic Paint in Windows 10, and all of that seemed to be familiar to most users of the application after the latest updates of the operating system, it was not available and was replaced by its analogue who are called by none other than the «Paint 3D». At first glance, there is nothing to global problematic that a single application to replace other, no, but it is understood that the new version of the 3D functionality is completely different purpose than the tools that we are accustomed to contemplate using the classic Paint.

That's because of all the above written, we decided to help the ordinary user in order to quickly return to their Paint operating system by installing this software. At the very fact, everything is quite simple and takes you a minimum of time, so do not be afraid, because it's time to begin the installation so you need the app!

In the first step, you will need to make the removal Paint 3D, because when you try to install Paint in a system where there is already a set Paint 3D, it may be software conflicts that can even be fatal to the operating system. So, let's not take the risk and we make first removal Paint 3D in the same way as you delete other programs.

The second stage will look like Paint download from our server and install it. Installation is made in the same way as the installation of standalone applications... It is worth a couple of times to click on the icon of the installation file as "Setup Wizard" will guide you step by step from step to step.

The third stage will look like the start of the newly installed Paint application. Find Paint may be going to the "Start" menu and look for an icon there, "Paint", which have long you should be familiar.

Here in general it! You could install the classic Paint in Windows 10 and now, this software can be used in the same way as you did before.

P.S. Please note that after upgrading the operating system may need to re-install the Paint, so how exactly to say that Microsoft will take on this issue is not who is not.