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Search for similar images

Search for similar images

Let's consider the situation in which you are a completely ordinary PC user who day after day uses the Windows 10 operating system and enjoys its many options to the fullest. But here comes a day when you have a need to take a specific one: with an image / picture / photo and check it for uniqueness on the Internet. Of course, to perform search for similar images, you can use additionally installed software or work with third-party online services, but agree that it makes no sense to do this, provided that you have an application at hand that’s everything is pre-installed on Windows 10 and can easily handle all your needs in this direction. If you have not yet guessed, then we are talking about the “Photos” application, because lately, its developers have tried to devote maximum attention to their offspring and with the update 2019.19031.17720.0 have implemented a very useful option for finding the “twins” of the original image.

How to search for similar images in Windows 10?

In order to start searching for similar images, use the “Photos” application with the help of which, open the image whose “twins” you are going to search on the Internet. Now, just one click with the right mouse button, so that you can see the context menu, where the “Find similar images in Bing” item will appear. On the named item, perform one more mouse click, but this time, using only the left button. It remains to wait a few seconds for the OS to launch the browser and start the search using the Bing search engine.

Thus, you can use search for similar images in one of the most popular search engines in the world and if something is found there, then in the similar Russian search engines, you will find the "twins" of the desired image .

It seems to us that such an approach to identifying similar images on the Internet in the modern world of software can be considered one of the most practical and quickest possible, since it is very easy for any interested PC user to cope with its launch.