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We take a shortcut in "Start" menu in Windows 10

 We take a shortcut in "Start" menu in Windows 10

Not that PC users that use the "top ten", do not even think about why it starts periodically to hang out or what they are beginning to emerge in the "Start" menu or another problem. And the reasons here as always a lot, but often enough to simply keep track of the number of labels in the "Start" menu in order to from time to time to remove more or less unnecessary of them and the problem will not appear no where ... That's it, we'll tell you , how to calculate the shortcuts in the "Start" menu in Windows 10 accurate enough to, if necessary, to make them clean and to always keep in the menu, only the minimum number of labels.

It is clear that in this article, we will not tell you about how the labels should be read independently, and uncover the secret that is hidden to the cmdlet to use a special built-in utility «PowerShell».

Your action plan should be as follows ... Using the "Start" menu, run "the PowerShell":

Once before you open the console, it is necessary to prescribe the following command: «Get-StartApps | measure »(without the quotes):

Wait a few seconds and you will see that the team has made a return parameter list → find "the Count," and see what there is a numeric value - this will just be the number of labels in the "Start" menu.

That is not a cunning way, you can very simply and without any particular problems always labels considered in "Start" menu in Windows 10 and, if necessary, modify them by removing.