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Резервная копия файла загрузки BCD в Windows 10

Резервная копия файла загрузки BCD в Windows 10

Many of you probably know that since then, both in the light came Windows Vista operating system, much has changed, especially the change undergone loading mechanisms, such as built-in utility «BCDedit». That's all it is, in its entirety, and allows the average user to create a backup copy of «BCD» loader, and if necessary, just use it to restore. The main advantage of this method lies in the fact that everything is stored in a binary «BCD» file in the «boot» active partition folder. Thus, backup BCD download file in Windows 10 at any time can become available to you, and in spite of the numerous OS crashes or various kinds of mistakes with its load, you will still be able to use the loader.

Create a backup copy of the BCD

1. You need to make an opening "Registry Editor" and after that, go to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ BCD00000000.

2. Please note that working with files directly, not quite correctly, that is why, for all their manipulations, we recommend that you use the utility «Bcdedit.exe.».

Open as Administrator "command line" and make in it the command: «bcdedit / export D: \ data \ BCDbackup» (without the quotes).

Note that she backup saved in the folder named «data» on the disk «D».

Restoring a backup BCD

1. In order to restore a backup of the BCD, you will have to do the same things that you did in the previous steps, but exactly the opposite.

We produce import a backup file using the command: «bcdedit / import D: \ data \ BCDbackup» (without the quotes):

2. We can only wait until the backup BCD download file in Windows 10 will be fully restored and the operation completed successfully!

That's all, as this process does not take much time and effort, especially if done gradually and not to resort to any third-party software that may still not improve, but only spoil!