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Replacing the default folder for downloaded files in Microsoft Edge

Replacing the default folder for downloaded files in Microsoft Edge

As it were not there, and the practicality and convenience of working with any operating system in the average user begins precisely with the fact that he has in the OS all the files, programs, shortcuts and settings he needs so that they are the closest to him For him and comfortable. It's clear that every person can have all of the above, but replacing the default folder for downloaded files in Microsoft Edge, which you can configure to simplify your life - is exactly the same It is necessary for all PC users without exception.

The practicality of changing the default folder is at least the fact that you do not have to use the folder that the OS developers prepared for you every time, because you will use the exact place to save the downloaded files, which in your opinion is really convenient and created Especially for this.

In addition, it should be noted that there is nothing complicated in setting up the Microsoft Edge browser, because everything is modeled in it in such a way that as soon as you start trying to understand those or other settings, you get the feeling that you did it more than once. That's why, we recommend that you do the following: first, you have to go to the "Options" → then, open the "Advanced Options" subsection → click on the not very visible button "Download the browser's main menu" (this button does not have The visual name, but looks like three not large points standing one behind the other - "...") → we find the "Edit" button and click on it → now, you need to "pave the way" to that folder or that partition of the operating system, in Which you want the Microsoft Edge browser to save the downloaded files.

Just want to draw your attention to the fact that on this page, where you did all of the above, there is also the ability to turn off the query "Ask me about what to do with each download file" using the switch that you want to set to "Off".

If the next time you download a file, it starts to be located in that folder or in the OS section, the path to which you set in the browser settings, then the default folder for downloaded files in Microsoft Edge is correct and you are more Do not need to do any unnecessary gestures to make at least some minimal adjustments to this process, since everything is already fully-tuned.