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Quick start Windows Hello in Windows 10

Quick start Windows Hello in Windows 10

There are several types of users of personal computers and each of them, differently relates to what is stored on the hard drives of his device. That is why Microsoft is always striving to approach the use of passwords and user biometric data that are used to log in with some accuracy. That is why, with the next system update, everyone who wants to increase the security level of their device has a Windows Quick Start Windows Hello Windows 10.

It would seem: “What's so new about it, because everyone who was interested in this option has already taken advantage of it?” But, as practice shows, everything is completely different and here, first of all, the innovation of the function is based on the fact that the user just performs a few clicks with the mouse, dials the password and its device is already protected from unauthorized entry. Of course, ideally, everything needs to be configured more carefully, but you will agree that often, even the simplest and most unsophisticated password is better than not any.

How to perform a "quick start" Windows Hello in Windows 10?

Before you proceed to the action log described below, we suggest you verify several things:

  • The device you are using should be as updated as possible. The absence of one of the latest updates may not allow using new security options for the OS.
  • The device to which you intend to set a password must be personally yours, since this function will not be available on PCs and laptops that are used in offices and training places, since there is a “public” version of the system installed that is not It is possible to spoil the normal user.

If all of the above is already done, then we suggest restarting Windows 10 so that when the system starts, the opportunity appears on the login screen, where there is a “Enter” button, to left-click on the “Windows Hello” sign. Having done this action, you can immediately make a password entry and you will see a welcome page that will inform you that: “The operation was successful and the system is under reliable protection...”.

Thus, a fast start of Windows Hello in Windows 10 will give you the opportunity to protect the device in literally half a minute and make it completely inaccessible to anyone who decides to use it without your knowledge.