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Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Photo Viewer in Windows 10

If you consider yourself to those PC users who really like to work with the Windows 10 operating system, but with all that, you can't stand the way it opens the image using the “standard” application, then surely you should think about to reconfigure something in your OS. We suggest making minor adjustments to the registry, which in turn will make the photo viewer in Windows 10 exactly the same as you could see it in Windows 8 or earlier systems.

I just want to warn you that you have to manually configure everything and use only the Registry Editor, so if you doubt your abilities, then you should abandon the actions described below, although they are not complicated at all and any PC user can handle them , even a novice.

Photo Viewer in Windows 10

In order to customize the photo viewer for Windows 10, you need to refer to the Run application (Win + R) → use the query “regedit” → click on “Ok”.

The Registry Editor application window is divided into two halves; at the moment, you should be interested in the left, because through it, you can go to the following path: “HKLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows Photo Viewer / Capabilities / FileAssociations”.

Once you get to the “FileAssociations” section, then move the mouse cursor to the right side of the Registry Editor window and using the RMB, call the additional context menu → click “Create” → “String Parameter”.

An additional window has opened, where you need to enter data: in “Paramer” you register “.jpeg”, and in “Value” you register “PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Tiff” → click the “Ok” button.

Please note that in order to add other image formats that the Photo Viewer application will open, you must do the above step several times, only once or twice, you need to change the extension for the files:".jpg" ,".gif",".png" and so.

Go to the system section called "Parameters" (Win + I) → open "System" → click on "Default applications" → find the link "Set default values..." in the central part of the window and click on it.

The window "select default program" will allow you to find the "Photo viewer" in the left part and select it with a single click on this parameter LMB → move to the right side of the window and make another click LMB on "Select default values for the program".

In the "Program Mapping" window, it is necessary to note the image formats that should be opened by the application → click on "Save".

Go to the system partition, where there is any image, hover over it with the mouse and click once with RMB, open the context menu in which, select "Open with" → "View Windows Photos".

Thus, you managed to make photo viewer in Windows 10 exactly the same as it was before. In addition, now, the images will be opened without any problems at all or additional actions on your part.