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Disable Connected Standby feature in Windows 10

Disable Connected Standby feature in Windows 10

Considering the fact that precisely because it represents the function «Connected Standby», which was introduced in Windows since the days of "eight", it becomes clear that this addition though practical to use - it supports applications on the Internet at the time when the PC or the notebook is "sleeping mode", and therefore has a lot of shortcomings. It is because of shortcomings, many users and want to disable the Connected Standby feature in Windows 10, so it is not to spend excessive amount of power, or at all, did not lead to the fact that due to the incompatibility of applications and devices, there were they hang. In addition, the unit which will be fully operational «Connected Standby», must have: a bootable SSD-drive, «Secure Boot» supporting the NDIS 6.3 driver and the mode.

Generally, in order to learn is your device supports function «Connected Standby», it is necessary on behalf of the Administrator, open a command line and register it command «powercfg / a» (command is written without quotation marks), and then, just try to find in the results " standby »(« standby »).

If you do decide that disable an innovative feature, then, you with the command «regedit» necessary to make opening the Registry Editor → expand the following branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Power → found in the Parameter Editor «CsEnabled» → generate replacement values from "1" to "0".

Thus, you could disable the Connected Standby feature in Windows 10, and it will no longer have to bother, but it is understood that the trip is not any official Windows support, and therefore, using this tweak, you off and "sleep mode", so send your device you can now only in "hibernation".