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Ошибка 193 0XC1 в Windows 8

Ошибка 193 0XC1 в Windows 8

It's not uncommon for a computer or laptop user to see that he has a error 193 0XC1 in Windows 8 on his screen and he does not know what to do with it. It is for this reason that we want to explain to you the reasons for the above error and how you can deal with it yourself, so that the OS continues to function fully.

What is the error of 193 0XC1 in Windows 8?

  • The occurrence of an error is possible in a situation when the system manager of Windows 8 applications can not how to find the exact path to the file ".exe", which is currently executable. In this case, the window of the program that you tried to launch immediately flies.
  • Almost the same problem, as in the first case, but only here the window is already running and for some time the working program crashes. Here the reason is that the same failure occurs in the application manager of the OS.
  • I happen to have situations where, at any time, the time for the transfer at the computer, you can see the following inscription: "Windows Defender Error 193 0Xc1".
  • A sufficiently long response of the operating system to your actions from the mouse or keyboard used.
  • There are situations when the operating system hangs up a bit, and then, continues to work as if there was nothing and there was not.
  • Still, all kinds of errors 193 0XC1 can appear on your system and during the installation of new applications into it. It's not uncommon for a user to try to reinstall Windows Defender and see an error on the monitor screen.
  • Also, a bug in the system sometimes manifests itself during: turning off and turning on the PC, and sometimes even before rebooting.

What should I do to fix the error 193 0XC1 Win 8?

  • For starters, we recommend that you try to track the log of your actions under which, you receive this error. Pay attention to what you are doing just a couple of seconds before you see the inscription on the monitor screen, which has an indication of the code "193 0XC1".
  • Try to restore the registry entries of the operating system until the moment when the error begins to appear.
  • Be sure to use the antivirus, because with it you can scan the system and find malicious software, which can also be the cause of your troubles.
  • Try to completely clean the system of everything that it has accumulated with the application "cleanmgr".
  • Update the OS drivers as much as possible, since the error 193 0XC1 in Windows 8 may even occur because there is a conflict between the newer software or the updated OS and outdated drivers.
  • Also, try to completely remove the "Windows Defender" application, and after that, install it.
  • Checking for damage and recovery of system files you also do not hurt, but for this, you have to use the command line and the command: "sfc / scannow".
  • A full update of Windows 8 can also give its positive results.
  • If not one of the above described methods did not help you, then reinstall the OS, but only completely, not partially!