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Office for Women

Office for Women

Recently, more and more often on the Internet there is some kind of opinion that should be considered not entirely correct, because, then, "there", then "here", you can see the expression "Office for Women" . On the one hand, it seems that this is a rather stupid expression, because according to the logic, the program does not have the possibility to be divided into its use by female or male sex, but on the other hand it becomes more and more clear what most people think is completely different And to argue with this is simply simply not possible ... The problem of this dispute is that in particular the female sex, who is afraid to use various MS Office applications, impose the program day after day and say that it is so complex that they are with her e rules. It's clear that if the current girl, while still at a young age, learned to work with this program while she was at school, she will not have any problems with handling such a program even now, as she knows its structure. That's just not always so smooth and beautiful, because still there are often situations where women, and sometimes even modern girls have to face the Office program in their new job and they absolutely do not know how it works. That's it in these situations, and begin the main problems that just lead the female sex to various forums, where screaming headlines say that they have the opportunity to offer everyone who wants Office for women at a very affordable price.

Why can not Office for women exist as a program?

As we already mentioned above, the separation of software on the basis of gender is simply not possible, but everything from the fact that the company developer in the person of Microsoft can not produce a bunch of similar programs that will be either for men or for women. Of course, among the editions of the Office program there are various software, but it is worthwhile to understand that it was created to solve specific problems and nothing more. Thus, no one does not and will not have no desire to create a program belonging to the gender of the user of the PC.

In addition, it is worthwhile to imagine the moment when, for example, a program for women is being created and there is some tool in it, and in the editorial office for men, it is not. Thus, a real catastrophe is formed that will not allow one and the same person to work on two completely different computers, where there is apparently one program installed, but having different sex accessories.

What edition of MS Office should I choose for a woman?

In fact, the choice of the software edition depends on your work needs, so if you understand that the Office for Women version does not exist, we can try to find something that is most suitable for you.

  • If you really do not care what version of the program to work in, then do not fool yourself, because it's enough to simply choose either the cheapest version of MS Office, or the most modern one.
  • If you need a modern version of the office program, then the following edits must necessarily come to the forefront in your priority selection: Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2016. The choice for these editions of software falls for the reason that there is nothing more modern, you can find on This time you can not.
  • If you need the program the most simple and well-known to most PC users, then you should definitely choose Microsoft Office 2007.

Thus, you always have the opportunity to choose a program that will work and please you for a long time, the main thing is to make your choice correctly and understand: "What exactly do you need Office programs for and what are you going to do with it?"

What edition of Microsoft Office can we recommend to women?

For the readers of this article, we would like to advise you to make your choice in the direction of modern software, as it will still be relevant for quite a long period of time, and besides, these programs have the possibility of interacting with ones similar by means of synchronization, and this is very useful in The world of gadgets, where you can simultaneously synchronize: a computer, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone into a single "network" that will function as a fully-fledged organism. This is why our choice lies only in the direction of Office 365 or Office 2016, as they are really modern and first-class in use, and this is exactly what you will definitely enjoy.

Is it difficult for a woman to work with the Office program?

In fact, working with office software from Microsoft is not difficult, even though Office for Women does not exist, you can in any case be as easy and without any problems to learn how to work with this software as quickly as possible. In addition, your training in working with one of the above programs, which we recommend using, is that most of the tools on the program panel are understandable even if they are viewed visually, because you will agree that for example the icon with scissors according to the logic of things means "cut "And so with most of the icons that indicate in the software some actions.

We hope that we managed to convey to you that there are not and there will be no office programs for women from Microsoft, and therefore you do not need to overpay someone for not clear software, as this may be for you in the end the usual Loss of money spent on a program that you really do not need.