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Notifications via PowerShell in Windows 10

Notifications via PowerShell in Windows 10

In fact, any of you can use notifications via PowerShell in Windows 10, as there is nothing complicated in this, but for all that, it's worth considering that initially, you have to work a little and adjust your the operating system in such a way that it, just and had the opportunity to work with notifications as you need it.

As the practice of using notifications for the means of output them through PowerShell in Win 10 shows, there is simply a huge number of nuances that should be considered and without which, you definitely can not do. But in any case, in order to start using the simplest settings, you will need to execute a log of the following kind of actions.

In order for you to have a full-fledged opportunity to generate notifications, we recommend using the fully open BurntToast module. The simplicity of this module is that with just one command "Install-Module -Name BurntToast" in PowerShell and clicking on "Y", you can install it.

Despite the fact that this module is very practical, you should not forget that in itself it is quite simple and for this reason, it will not be able to cope with complex tasks, but with the conclusion: information messages, icons, work with an alarm clock and the like, he can do it.

We also note that if there is a need to expand the capabilities of this module, then it is worthwhile to use auxiliary scripts or additional modules, which in its totality will allow you to make notifications displayed by means of PowerShell more complex and informative.

Just note that moment, that in order to fully work with the module, you should familiarize yourself with its commands located in the documentation. As an example, we first suggest that you use this command:

  • "New-BurntToastNotification -Text" Notification Header "," Notification Body "-AppLogo path_to_screen -Sound_name_of_standard_rington_tones

If it is brought to the mind and adjusted properly, then this team will be able to acquire a completely different look and become more similar to something like this:

  • "New-BurntToastNotification -Text" Force is my ally! "," May the Force be with you! " -AppLogo D: \ Stormtrooper.ico -Sound Call4 "

Thanks to the specific use of the arguments in the second version of the command set, you may notice that you were able to display notifications via PowerShell in Windows 10.

It is important to understand that the more you can study the possibilities of the elements used, the more you will have the opportunity to work with them, because you will be able to display both individually and together: ringtones, icons, messages and much more interesting, so that dare!