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New options in the context menu of Windows 10

New options in the context menu of Windows 10

Today, we will analyze with you one very important application called “Parameters”, since its use in everyday user life has become an integral part of actions. It is for this reason that each user is looking for an opportunity that could allow him to use the functionality of the Parameters application just a couple of clicks. That is why not to touch on the topic, which allows you to see firsthand what new parameters are in the context menu of Windows 10, is simply impossible, because in fact these are the functional add-ons that you really greatly facilitate workflows.

The most accessible way that allows any user to personally make changes to the system is the ability to add a new program code to the Windows 10 registry, which is able to open an option with additional functionality in the context menu.

To do this, you will need to use a special program code that you can easily DOWNLOAD from our server → unzip it → examine the contents of the code that will be presented to you in the Notepad application → re-save the Notepad using the buttons → “File” → “Save as” → register the name of your new document and add the extension “.reg” to it.

In our example, we wrote down the name of the document with the following extension: “code.reg”, you have, the name of the document may be different.

You can also use other text editors if the Notepad application does not suit you for any particular parameters.

When the new document is fully saved, you will notice that its “Label” looks a little different than the “Label” from a regular document in the text format “Notepad”, which means that everything was done correctly and with the help of double-clicking on this “Label”, You must run a new executable file. Running the file will cause a window in which you have to click on the "Yes" button.

As a result, you can instantly check that everything worked out ... Just click the right mouse button in the empty area of the "Desktop" and see that a number of additional items were added to the context menu.

If it seems to you that the proposed method of making adjustments to the system is too long, then in this case, new parameters in the context menu of Windows 10 can be added using the ready-made registry file, which can also be DOWNLOADED from ours server. After downloading the document → you need to unzip it → double-click on the appeared “Label” → click the “Yes” button in the appeared window.

It seems to us that both methods are not complicated and as a result, only you decide which one should be chosen and which one should be abandoned ... But no matter how it was, and if you want to achieve real changes in your OS, then begin to implement innovation, it is worth it with such trifles, which at times simplify life.