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Mouse cursor size and color in Windows 10

Mouse cursor size and color in Windows 10

Today, we will adjust the size and color of the mouse cursor in Windows 10, since with the release of the May 2019 Update version 1903, there are much more versatile opportunities in this direction than they were recently.

The essence of this setting is that now, you can easily "adjust" your mouse cursor using the "slider" in terms of the size range and using the "palette", make adjustments to its color scheme. Thus, the pointer can be brought to a state that will be the most optimal for your interaction with the system and will, if necessary, reconfigure yourself in a matter of seconds.

Immediately, we note that the settings described below are directly related only to licensed operating systems that have already been able to receive an update of at least Windows 10 May 2019 Update with version 1903. In addition, it is possible that Microsoft will decide in future updates finalize the mouse cursor settings, but for now, you and I will have to use what is available.

Customize the size and color of the mouse cursor in Windows 10

In fact, in the tenth version of the OS, the pointer setting is thought out logically and will be understandable even to those who are faced with such things for the first time, and therefore, what difficulties you should not have, most importantly, only know the procedure for moving to the corresponding system section with settings.

“Parameters” → “Accessibility” → “Display” → “Cursor and pointer” → “Size and color of the pointer:

  • “Change the size of the pointer” - by moving the switch, you can increase or decrease it to the state you need;
  • “Change the color of the pointer” - you can use ready-made color selections from Microsoft, or, using the option “Choose the color of the pointer”, choose the color palette that appeals to you as much as possible.

Thus, after your manipulations, the size and color of the mouse cursor in Windows 10 will become what you think it should be.

Using your own custom mouse pointer is much nicer than the one that Microsoft offers by default, because at any time, it will be possible to reconfigure it for yourself and “update” as much as you need.