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Как вернуть в «Параметры» настройки для панели «Поделиться» в Windows 10

Как вернуть в «Параметры» настройки для панели «Поделиться» в Windows 10

Today, we'll tell you How to return to the "Options" settings for the "Share" in Windows 10. To some it may seem that this is absolutely not the right information, but if you frequently use the opportunity to share content between applications, then here you will be something to see. In addition, this is where you will learn how you can use the application settings, which are currently in Win 10, no matter how.

In fact, configuration partition panel "Options" are present on any operating system, but it is like this in recent years is hidden from the ordinary user. But when the desire, everything is possible simply and quickly recover, only to do this by adding a parameter to the system registry.

1. Run the "Registry Editor» ( «regedit.exe»). You can do this using the search box or through "Run" dialog box (use "hot keys» Win + R):

2. Once in the window "Registry Editor", you need to go to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel. Now, create a parameter of type DWORD (32-bit) and ask him the name «EnableShareSettings», where the value should be equal to 1:

3. All changes you make above will be applied automatically, and the dates of your settings will appear in the following path: "Settings» → «System» → «Share»:

Thus, you will be able to to return to the "Options" setup to "Share" panel in Windows 10, but if you are not setting data is needed, then just change the numerical value of «EnableShareSettings» parameter from 1 to 0.