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How to rename an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi in Windows 10

How to rename an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi in Windows 10

If you have a need to rename the Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi in Windows 10, which was created by the operating system when you first connect to the network, so that in the future, certainly know what to connect and avoid confusion , we suggest you read all the following, in order to draw conclusions from this:

- The name of your Internet soedinenaiya can be found in the "Management Center Network and Sharing Center":

- By clicking on the icon "Connection" in Windows 10 tray panel, so you can see the name of the network:

- Go to the "Network and Internet" one of universal application "Options", so you can find the network name:

Unfortunately, none of these places there is no option that would allow to rename the network. To give her a new name, it will be necessary to apply a simple registry tweak.

Regedit, open the Registry Editor and expand the following branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / NetworkList / Profiles Each network profile in the Windows registry is represented by a separate subsection GUID with a 32-digit name in curly quotes. The more your PC will be registered connections, the greater the Profiles section, you will have a GUID subsections. To find the desired network, open one after another GUID-sub and check string value ProfileName. He is just and will contain the name of the network.

Then everything is simple. Double-click the parameter ProfileName and set it in the window that opens, a new name. Close the Registry Editor.

Name network profile is changed in all locations, but the new settings could take effect, you will need to exit and re-enter the system.