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Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If you want a more install Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then you should read this article in full, because it is there, we will look at some real working examples which will allow you to quickly update your OS to its latest version.

As you know, the easiest way in this case is the ability to use "the Windows Update", which means that you should go through the following path: "Settings» → «updates and security» → «Update the Windows" → click " Check for updates. " Immediately you will notice that, provided an update ready for installation on your PC, it will start the installation. Please note that during the PC update, OS is reloaded and then several times in this terrible there!

It is worth noting that moment, that if you upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary to you is not much you need, you simply all set up in such a way so that the operating system could get all the necessary updates to the servers of Microsoft and then upgrade the system will happen in the near future, the very a.

If you are one of those users of Windows 10, who are not accustomed to wait and want to update your operating system as soon as possible, then we offer you not "Windows Update" and "media creation tool." That "means the creation of the media" will allow any user to create bootable media with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

It is worth noting that in the same way you can try to make a "clean install of the OS," but at the same time, use the downloaded image or created USB-drive from above.

We hope that you will become clear that in order to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update has gone faster, is not enough to use a simple upgrade "conventional methods", you can still use and workarounds, but often they are connected to reinstall the operating system, which is not always convenient. But what if there was not, and in any case, the way the OS updates only choose you!