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Install games from the Windows Store to another drive in Windows 10

Install games from the Windows Store to another drive in Windows 10

Today, we'll tell you that out of ourselves is really Installation from the Windows Store games to another drive in Windows 10, since the seemingly simple enough process, in most cases it turns out to be quite a challenge for some users.

It is worth noting that this issue has been touched by us for the reason that the Windows Store every day increases its store with the games and at the same time, new games are becoming more demanding of the system and to the free disk space on hard disks. For this reason, some users refuse to use the Windows Store, and download games from other sources, or ask someone to help them to install the game or application.

In some cases, when you need to unpack the game quite a lot of free disk space, Windows 10 system itself offers a choice to make the hard drive on which the game will be installed. It is very convenient, as in this case, you can choose not to install the game on a system disk and select a different profile. But there are situations when the OS, for some unknown reason the game installs at once on your system drive, or the user laziness every time before installing, choose the appropriate hard drive partition, which should be installed the game.

Open the "Taskbar" → put this in the search box something "save space" type. Alternatively, your path should look like this: "Settings» → «System» → «Storage» → «Places saving":

Now, from the drop-down list, you must choose the partition on the hard disk where you want to automatically install games from the Store Windows → «New applications will be installed here":

This installing games from the Windows Store to another drive in Windows 10 can be considered fully complete, because now, everything will take place in the automatic mode and choose every time the same, you do not have.

In addition, if you experience any need to select a different location for installing the game on your PC, you can do all of the above again and replace the default drive. "