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Import photos into Windows 10

Import photos into Windows 10

Today, we'll tell you what the importing photos into Windows 10 is, since for the most part, users who are faced with moving files from one device to another are doing a bunch not necessary actions, and not which, even install third-party software. So that similar moments in your life were, as little as possible and you did not try to supplement the "ten" with what it does not need, we decided to give you this instruction.

The uniqueness of this instruction lies in the fact that we will use the standard version of the software in the form of the "Photos" application, which has the minimum of working capabilities that you and I will need. In addition, the ease of use of this application will give you the opportunity to understand the working capabilities of the software, even if in this, you do not understand something.

Import photos into Windows 10

Considering the import of photos, we mean that this method can be used on almost all devices that are currently in demand by users, namely: PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and so on.

First, you need to connect one device to another, once the devices are "connected" to each other, then immediately, you can use the "Photos" application and the "Import" button that appears on the "Toolbar".

If you make the first connection of one device to another, the system will automatically launch the window, where it will be suggested to use one of the options for device interaction. Therefore, in our case, you can safely use the "Import photos and video" item.

Now, it will be necessary to wait very little, since the software will independently determine the number of photos and the kind of files that it can move to a folder named "Images".

Please note that files that are related to the video will also be moved, thus not only photos will be transferred.

After moving to the "Images" folder, you will be able to find the moved files in a separate folder, which will have a year and a month in the name. This is done in order to make it easier for you to find the files you need.

It happens that the user does not like the folder into which his files are imported, in that case, he himself can choose another folder.

Also, when moving files, you can use an option that affects deleting the original files from the memory of the island, after they have been moved.

Another interesting fact is that for those files that were imported last, the new album will automatically be created, which will be available in the same section - "Albums".

The importing photos into Windows 10 itself is accompanied by an additional - a visual display of the progress of moving files. If you do not have time to follow everything visually, then you can even close the application, which is not how it will not affect the import, because after moving the files, you will notice that there is a small notification informing you of the end of the move procedure.

As it seems to us, the above instruction is quite worthy of your attention, since it has the minimum capabilities that every PC user needs. Of course, there are no additional options and options, but you will agree that in some cases, you can do without them.