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IIS in Windows 10

IIS in Windows 10

From what perspective do not look at Windows 10 in today's realities, and this operating system, as was one of the best of its kind, will remain so, at least for the reason that it has a huge number of versatile programs, applications, functions and scripts, which everyone can use. But despite the huge amount of "everything" that takes place in this system, there are those moments that confuse PC users because they are in some way "hidden" and not fully functional. That's why, we decided to consider one of these cases today and tell about IIS in Windows 10, so that you have the opportunity to realize the more globally functional features of this product and the basic principles of its operation.

If you do not know the abbreviation "IIS", then in the decrypted version, it sounds like: "Internet Information Service". Thus, it becomes clear that iis is a set of tools designed to help the user: create sites, edit sites and manage these same sites. In addition, the Internet resource created by you, will consider your PC to be a real hosting, which allows you to personally deploy an Internet project of almost any complexity. If necessary, several sites can safely exist on your "hosting" and at the same time, each resource will have its own management settings.

Why is the IIS service in Windows 10 not active?

The IIS service in the tenth generation system is, as it were, present, but is not fully installed and as a consequence, it is disabled. Many PC users believe that it was not done wrong... But only if you understand the situation, then there is no mistake, but only there is a simple calculation, which amounts to the fact that the developers of the OS have disabled not necessary for the work in everyday life of the service, so how they are used by only 5-10% of users from the total mass working with the system and in addition, specifically the service iis has the specificity of "biting off" part of the power of the computer. Thus, if the PC is not very powerful, it will simply not be possible to work with it in parallel with the fully functioning function of iis.

Installing IIS on Windows 10

Open the "Run" window, which you can call using the "hot keys" of Win + R. As soon as the "Run" window is launched, immediately put the phrase "control panel" in its search line and click on the "Ok" button.

The "All Control Panel Items" window should open, where you will have to access the settings for visual display of labels located in the upper right corner - "View" and select "Large Icons".

If the above step has already been completed, then immediately go to this ... All in the same window "All the elements of the control panel" click on the icon called "Programs and components".

Once you are in the Programs and Features window, you need to find the item in the left column that is named "Enable or disable Windows components."

A small window "Enabling or disabling Windows components" will help you find the "Internet Service", which is located in the "iis Services" tab.

Now, you should check in the checkboxes: "iis services", "Internet services" and "Internet Information Service", after which you need to click on the "OK" button.

After completing all the above steps, you'll notice that IIS in Windows 10 appears on your computer and can be fully used by this service.

In order to use the activated service, you need to go to the "Start" menu and find a new tab called "Service Manager iis".

Thus, you have the opportunity to use the Internet Information Service, which will now be available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

IIS Functionality in Windows 10

It should also be noted that this service has enough extensive functionality, which will be convenient for professionals to work with, since the set of features and tools that iis can provide them will really please them.

Another important point in using the above function is that even if you are not a professional, you will be able to understand it in minutes, since in spite of its extensive functionality, in any case it remains one of the simplest and understandable for use by newcomers in the niche site of the building.