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How to run Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

How to run Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

On many thematic forms, users constantly ask themselves the question: "How to start Internet Explorer in Windows 10?" And there I advise so much that the head really starts to go around. That is why, we decided to approach the answer to this question very thoroughly and to prompt to everyone, what they need to do and why, in order to be able to start using their favorite browser again.

By the way, the simplicity of our method, which will be discussed below, lies in the fact that you do not need to download Internet Explorer 11 from the Internet, then install it or use additional software! All you need to do is activate the visual display of the program in the environment of the operating system and nothing more! Do not fool your head with various nonsense, as they may cause a lot of problems, and there will be at least satisfaction.

How to run Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

In order to activate the program, you must use the Start menu (located in the lower left corner of the monitor screen), then use the Search application (it has a magnifying glass icon) and enter the name of the Internet Explorer object in the search field. When the search is over, you will need to click on "Internet Explorer (Classic Application)".

If for some reason the system can not perform the search you need, you will have to use the addition of the required software in the "Components". In order to perform this action, you again click on the button "Start", again refer to "Search", but this time, in the search string write "Windows components". When the search results are displayed, go to the "Enable or disable Windows components" and tick the box (if it is not there) "Internet Explorer 11". To successfully complete the system setup, you need to use the "OK" button and to apply the changes to the system, use the reboot.

In order to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 10 even easier, we suggest you use the pin of the program icon on the "Taskbar". There are two ways to do this:

  • Click RMB on the application icon, a context menu opens, where there is an item “Pin on the taskbar”, which you actually have to select.
  • Launch the Internet Explorer 11 application, then, move the program icon on the "Taskbar" with the mouse cursor, hold it there for a while, then a context menu appears, in which there is an item "Pin on the taskbar" and you select it .

No matter which of the two methods you choose, the main thing is that now, Internet Explorer 11 will always be available to you with one click and not only you, but also your loved ones will be able to use it.