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How to remove the shield on the label of Windows 10?

How to remove the shield on the label of Windows 10?

As you know, Microsoft is constantly supplementing its operating system with some very necessary additions that average users do not always like. In some cases, these “add-ons” can be removed by users independently; in other cases, third-party software helps them, but no matter how it is there, in any of the options with actions, you must be clearly aware of the fact that “What you have to do and what is it necessary for? ”That's why when the question arises:“ How to remove the shield on the Windows 10 label?”Most of those who ask them give up almost immediately, because they think it is not possible do, and if possible, it is very difficult. We, however, know some very simple ways that are ideal for anyone who decides to use them.

Method number 1

Here, the system capabilities of the Windows 10 operating system will be used and no more than that, which is why you need to do the following: hover the mouse over the shortcut that the shield has → using right click, the context menu is called → the “Properties” button is used in the context menu → in the new window, go to the tab "Label" → go down to the inscription "Object" and change everything in the field in front of it to cmd / c start "" "C: \ Program.exe".

That's all, you can make sure that the shield has disappeared from the label and now, the label itself, looks exactly like all its “colleagues”.

It happens with this setting and such that the icon itself changes and in this case, the best thing is to use the function “Change icon” → specify the path to the program being launched - to the file “.exe → select the shortcut → apply the changes.

After this, your shortcut will look exactly as you would like, but remember that the above described manipulations reflected on the visual appearance of the shortcut will, each time you start the program, will give you the opportunity to launch the “Command Line” for a few moments. There is nothing terrible in this, it is just a side effect that will disappear in a timely manner and will not affect the operation of the system as a whole.

Method number 2

In this method, you will have to resort to using third-party software, which is directly related to the utility "NirCmd". With this software add-on, you can also make adjustments to the display of labels in the system and remove shields everywhere.

You can download NirCmd from the official website page (link at the bottom of the page) → in “C: / Windows” you need to unpack the downloaded NirCmd file → go to “Label Properties” → go to the “Object” field → change the existing path to a new one - nircmd .exe elevate "path_to_file_exe_so_shield" → use the button "Apply" / "Ok".

Again, access the “Properties of the shortcut” → select “Change icon” → specify the path to the file that is launched by means of “.exe” → select a specific label.

Here, there is a certain “side effect” that appears only when you first start the application through an edited shortcut. The problem lies in the system message "Digital signature is missing...". But do not be afraid of this message, since it will appear only once and more, you will not be disturbed.

Method number 3

In order to remove the shield on the Windows 10 label, you can use another very sophisticated way, but here you should understand all the consequences of such use ...

Any shortcut that has a shield image requires confirmation of UAC and is located along the following path: "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ imageres.dll". In addition, this label has an "index" under the number "78".

Now, if earlier, you edited at least some Windows resources, you will not be difficult to replace the “standard” icon with a shield with a transparent one. Thus, all executable shortcuts for applications with shields will be without shields.

On the one hand, this method is good-looking, which eliminates the billboards at a time on all labels, but on the other hand, it also has a minus, which lies in the fact that you cannot see the shield on another system label that you will need to use. in its original appearance.

Which of the following ways to choose is up to you, the main thing is for you to be fully aware of the responsibility for the system settings being made and they will not upset you in the future.