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How to remove Microsoft Office 2016

How to remove Microsoft Office 2016

If you do not know about that, how to remove Microsoft Office 2016, then you should read this article because it is out of it, you can podcherpnut many enough useful information and become familiar with the "right" - step by step manual removal of the software.

Despite the fact that the standard Microsoft Office 2016 package can be removed through the applet "Add or Remove Programs", we recommend to remove the software to use third-party software, but developed at Microsoft, as it is more globally all cleans and leaves on a removable program not any temporary files.

Go to the link -> menu «Option 2" -> click on the button «Download» -> wait until the swinging is a file with the extension «DIAGCAB»:

We click on the file with the extension «DIAGCAB» twice and forward until a new window opens where you should click on "Next":

Wait until the utility has finished scanning your operating system for the various problems that are associated with Microsoft Office and will offer the best option to eliminate them by removing the program:

In the newly opened window, you need to click on «Yes» after see a sentence like: «Completely remove all Office apps and settings from your PC»:

It remains to wait for the program to managed Remove Microsoft Office 2016 entirely.

Please note that the program does not leave not any files in your operating system, memory, and will produce their full removal without the possibility of something then restore.