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How to remove drivers from Windows 10?

How to remove drivers from Windows 10?

If you consider this topic in terms of complexity, then with full confidence you can say that there is nothing to do here you do not have to do, because in order to remove the driver from the Windows 10 system, you need to perform a minimum action log. In addition, the practicality of the method described below, is that you do not have to use additional third-party software, since all the deletions from the driver system, you will only produce by the means of the operating system's own forces. Thus, the uninstall process is simplified several times and you do not have to perform the same actions to remove the drivers for one particular item.

In general, many of the novice PC users may not understand the reason for removing the drivers, since they believe that with these mini-binders nothing can happen. That's just the practice of using the computer shows the opposite, which we suggest to you and make sure you are acquainted with a list of the main problems that you may have at any time in the system:

  • Failed with automatic driver update. Very often, this problem occurs on the computer at a time when the user is having a system update of the drivers and say: something completely from the system is not removed from the old one, and the new one is superimposed on this old one, the voltage is jumped, etc.
  • Failed to automatically update the operating system. Here the crux of the problem lies in the fact that at the moment when Windows 10 itself updates everything, it can skip some drivers, which later become obsolete, which prevents them from fully functioning.
  • Failure to install non-licensed software. Many of you are familiar with the situation when you need a program, but you do not want to buy its paid version and it's time to think about using something "gray", which ultimately leads to problems with the drivers.

As you can see, the reasons for the problems with the drivers can be completely different and there is nothing to be surprised about, because the "drivers" themselves are some kind of middleware that makes reuniting something that at first glance is not reconnected.

How to remove drivers from Windows 10?

Removing drivers is always worth starting only with cleaning up all temporary files stored in your system, which can slow down the OS. As soon as you finish cleaning the system, you can right-click on the "This computer" icon and click on the PCM on it, you should go to the short context menu where the "Properties" item is located.

Note that the new window should be named "System" and on its left side, you will need to click on the "Device Manager" line.

Note that the next new window, where the main process of driver removal will take place, is called "Device Manager". It is here that you hover your mouse over a specific driver (in our example it's the Realtek driver responsible for the sound) and click on it with the LMC. The driver to stand out, after that, you immediately click on it PCM to open the context menu and you could select the "Delete" item.

Now, you have to use more advanced settings for deletion and they look like setting a checkmark in the "Delete driver programs for this device" item. This checkbox is mandatory, because it will clean all the programs that were installed with the driver being removed, which will allow nothing and not where to stay.

If everything is done correctly, remove the driver from the Windows 10 system, you will be able to in a few minutes and check the performed procedure, you can even without restarting the operating system, since it's worth to go back to the "Task Manager" and all right away will be seen.

It is also worth noting that the above method for removing drivers will suit you in order to use it to remove any driver from your operating system!