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How to print a calendar in Windows 10

How to print a calendar in Windows 10

Many of you do not know about how to print a calendar in Windows 10, but in vain! After all, having this possibility, you can easily not turn to the computer every time to open your "electronic schedule" and see: with whom you have a meeting today, who has a birthday or some important date . You just simply print out the calendar, hang it on the wall and always see what and when you have the near future scheduled.

In order to make the necessary manipulations with the calendar to print it from Windows 10, you need: open the application "Calendar" -> in the main window of the application click on the button of the additional menu "..." -> select the "Print" button.

In the newly opened window, select the time interval that you want to print: day, week, month, etc., then click on the "Preview" button. As soon as you click on the "Preview" button, you will immediately get to the window where you will see a visual preview of the time period selected by you and, accordingly, from here, you will be able to print this calendar.

By the way, print the calendar in Windows 10 on almost any device that supports your OS. In addition, various settings will be available to you, like when printing documents that are familiar to you.