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How to open Disk Management in Windows 10?

How to open Disk Management in Windows 10?

If you want to open Disk Management in Windows 10, then this article is for you, because with its help you can learn about how, with the help of the "standard" utility, which is built into the operating system, it is possible to perform various manipulations with connected drives. The uniqueness of the utility lies in the fact that it is easy to work with it and does not require special knowledge, but for all that, the utility itself has a very extensive set of functionalities, each of which is ideal for different manipulations with the entire hard disk as a whole or with its part.

How to open Disk Management in Windows 10?

In order to get to the "Disk Management" utility, we propose to use the initially simplest method, which starts with the fact that you click the PCM icon on the "Computer" icon (located on the "Desktop") and in a small context menu, select the item "Control".

Before you will need to open a new window, which will be called "Computer Management", in it, in its column on the left, you must first find the "Storage devices" section and click on a small triangle opposite the name, expand the submenu, in which, you need to click on "Disk Management".

After all the above, in the right part of the "Computer Management" window, you will be able to perform various kinds of manipulations with hard disks, which are used by the PC at the moment.

If the above-described method for opening Disk Management in Windows 10 turned out to be unavailable for you or uncomfortable for some reason, then we suggest that you turn to another method, but which will be based on using the "Run".

Use the command "Win + R" to open the window with the name "Run" and in the field where you need to enter the command, write "diskmgmt.msc", then click on "Ok" or "Enter".

It should also be noted that the command "diskmgmt.msc" can be used in Windows 10 everywhere, as it can be safely entered into the "Command Line" window or in the "Search Line", which is located in the "Start" menu. Thus, wherever you enter the above command, the effect from its execution will always be the same.

Well, the third way, which in some ways is even simpler than all of the above, is to use the Start menu on which you must hover the mouse and click on it with the PCM or use the "Win + X" shortcut. As soon as you perform one of the above actions, a context menu will open immediately, where you need to select the "Disk Management" item.

As it turns out, open Disk Management in Windows 10 is not as difficult as it is told on numerous computer sites, because in most cases it's enough to perform only a few mouse clicks and you can already get there where you need it .