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How to lock the keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

How to lock the keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Agree, it is very convenient when the operating system is able to support a huge number of "hot key" combinations, but not so great when the same "hot key" combination, for whatever reasons, are beginning to fully work due to the fact that you they accidentally hurt. In addition, the "hot keys" can be used by children and even if you do not want them to use them due to various reasons, then we recommend that you use a utility called «Simple Disable Key».

And so, in order to disable shortcuts in Windows 10 You do not have to use your operating system registry and especially not what configure Group Policy editor is not necessary as you will be easier to use a small and clear utility, which is ideal for beginners as well as for Windows professionals.

Another practicality of this software is that it can not only turn off a specific button on the keyboard, and combinations thereof to produce off, just like the operating system Windows 10, and in use in various combinations of data and application programs.

To begin, you will need to install Simple Disable Key, there is nothing complicated there, the only thing that we would you recommend to do, so it does not Russified English-language version of the program, since the use of the application in Russian, there are often different kinds of failures. We also note that in the English language to deal with Simple Disable Key is not difficult even to someone who does not speak English, and all of the program intuitive.

Once the application is fully installed, you can try disable shortcuts in Windows 10. To begin, let's try to lock the key with the letter «P»: moves the mouse cursor on the «Key» -> press on the keyboard to the key you want to block -> see how in the field is not «P» appeared the program, and the Latin «H» (do not worry, no matter what kind of key you'll lock in the lock box will appear letters and team «Simple Disable key» it in any case block) -> Now you must click on the «Add key» -> and drop-down menu to select the method of blocking the key.

The app has three completely different locking methods:

• Always - this method allows you to block the key in all cases, without exception;

• Program - this method allows you to block the use of keys in specific programs, but with this option, you will need to specify the path to the executable file;

• Schedule - this method allows you to block the key in a specific time period.

Once one of the above methods will be chosen by you, feel free to click on "OK" two times: the first time in the window presets, and the second time in the window of the application.

If done correctly, then the keys are locked, and the application itself, will be closed.

It should also be noted that, if necessary, the program can be accessed from the system tray.

If you need to lock the keyboard shortcut, in this case, you have to tick one of the following keys in the main window menu: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or Win.

Remotely lock command is done by «Remove» button.

As you can see, disable shortcuts in Windows 10 is quite simple and the more of you do not need not any additional knowledge of programming language or operating system settings, as all the intuitive and simple enough.