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How to install Windows Media Center in Windows 10

How to install Windows Media Center in Windows 10

Many of you who have used earlier versions of the operating system, probably had time to get used to the fact that they could give Windows Media Center application, and all of that, it is incredibly practical and convenient. For this reason, by clicking on the "top ten", and you can not choose for themselves the software that would really please you with their work. For this reason, we suggest that you learn how you can install the Windows Media Center in Windows 10 in such a way that the software is fully operational.

The essence of our installations to you will be limited to the fact that initially, we downloaded through any search engine required the installation file that you can easily find in the search box prescribing the type of request: «WMC for Win 10 x32 x64».

Once downloaded you will be required archive, unzip it and run it is necessary on behalf of the file «Installer.cmd» Administrator.

Now wait until all operations are fully completed and only then press any key on the keyboard in order to make a closing command line.

Please note that you have managed to install the Windows Media Center in Windows 10 and you can fully enjoy it is now, because your favorite application is already fully operational!

We should also note that the installation of the application, though not time-consuming, and it works as a whole is not bad, but still sometimes occur there are some problems in the form of: failure to connect your Xbox console, with the settings of some models of TV tuners or even at viewing the DVD.

Problems, though there are, but most of them are easily solved, just "google on"!

In addition, the application file, we do not spread on their website for the reason that set it with Administrator privileges, and created it not us, and therefore we do not want to be responsible for the curve of the installation or viruses in Windows 10, so that everything is you You set yourself - at your own risk, we just simply give you full instructions on how to make the most of all right!