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How To Install Windows 10 through the USB flash drive

How To Install Windows 10 through the USB flash drive

Let's simulate a situation in which you need to Install Windows 10 through the USB flash drive, because the operating system problems can catch you at any time and in any place.

Initially, you need to understand that you have to be with a bootable flash drive, which will cope with almost any critical situation related to Windows 10. In addition, you need to configure your BIOS in Windows 10 so that priority was loading it with USB-carrier and not with DVD-ROM, and especially not with HDD.

Once all of the above you will be prepared, then you can proceed to the immediate installation of the operating system.

Coming from BISO, the operating system will reboot and you will install the OS from USB-stick, and the first window that will appear before you, will have a black background with a short sentence, at this moment, press the «Enter» button, which will allow start the installation from USB:

A new window will offer a choice of language for the installed operating system. In our case, we choose the "Russian", then, click on the "Next" button:

Click on "Install":

If you already have a license key for Windows 10, it is necessary to register in the appropriate form and click on "Next".

If the license key is you do not, then you can click "Skip" and take advantage of an introductory period of use of the OS.

Now, you need to read the license agreement, which offers to accept Microsoft and confirm this step by checking off against the relevant item, and then click "Next":

In the new window, select "Custom OS installation...", as we are not going to update our installed operating system to Windows 10 and reinstall it completely:

In the newly opened window, you will need to select the action that the system will do to your hard drive. We recommend that you select the system disk and make the formatting, and only then, by clicking once again on the formatted hard drive, click on the "Next" button:

Wait until the operating system has finished copying all system files from the USB-drive to your HDD-drive. This process may be about 10-15 minutes. In addition, while copying files, the computer monitor can often fade and the operating system will reboot ... Do not pay attention to it, it is quite natural the installation process:

In fact, you have already succeeded in Install Windows 10 through the USB flash drive, as now, you just need to configure the initial operating system settings, which are as follows:

On the screen above all intuitive and read all of the items offered by the installed OS you to select the specific parameters, you may well be able to quickly deal with all the subsequent steps. Remember that if you are in some doubt, it is best to skip a step or leave polmolchaniya settings, as they often approach 95% of PC users. But if you have a situation that some setting you during work with Windows 10 will not fit, you can easily change it via the toolbar of the operating system.