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How to install the driver on a computer running Windows 7

How to install the driver on a computer running Windows 7

Let's try to consider the situation in which we all need to install the driver on a computer running Windows 7, since the installation of the drivers on the computer as it was relevant, and remains.

Assume that the installation of the operating system you successful, but after that you need to install the scanner or printer that no driver respectively the operating system will not see, in this case, you need to do the following...

Try to find the installation CD for your printer or any other device that you want to install, if the disk is not present, then try to download a driver from the Internet (search is made in any search systems available on request such as "download your device drivers").

If you still have not lost DVD-media with enough valuable information and were able to find it, then you must do the following log Action: DVD-insert the disc into the drive -> click the menu button "Start" -> "Control Panel".

On the "Control Panel", you will need to set the option "View: Small icons" -> then, select the item "Device Manager":

The list of devices you want to view all the items and look for the one in front of which there is the inscription "Unknown Device". Almost always, an unknown device is near the yellow exclamation icon:

We make click with the "unknown device" on the right mouse button on and selects the item to open the "Update Driver Software" shortcut menu:

In the newly opened window, you will be prompted to use:

• «Automatic search for updated drivers";

• «Search for the drivers on your computer manually".

Personally, we first of all should be interested in the second option, since we have a DVD-ROM, which houses the driver installed device. If you have a driver disk is not present, then you can try to use the first paragraph.

Now, you will need to tell the system where it is install the driver on a computer running Windows 7, respectively, indicate the DVD-ROM drive with the disc to find the drivers. As soon as the operating system will find the driver on the disk, then immediately begin installing them.

The end result, if you have done everything correctly and your driver is appropriate for your device, you will see a window as in the screenshot below.

Please note that if you do not have a DVD-ROM with drivers and you did not help to use the item "Search automatically for updated driver," then feel free to swing the driver independently from the Internet (at the beginning of the article we have shown how to do it correctly) and install the driver just just as with DVD-media, but only expose the paragraph does not drive boot disk, and then the place where you downloaded the driver.