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How to enter the master password for access to eToken in Windows 10?

How to enter the master password for access to eToken in Windows 10?

To date, users of various devices use a huge amount of versatile software that allows you to fully protect your system from attacks on it by third parties. One of the security systems of our time has become a kind of “electronic key” called “eToken”, since it is very easy to acquire it, and using it is not difficult at all. Only in some cases, the software gives a certain failure, which makes the users start thinking about the correctness of their choice and about: "How to enter the master password for access to eToken in Windows 10?" In this situation, It seems to many that they were in the real trap and it is not possible to get out of it, but we know one very simple and effective way that allows you to fix everything in a couple of minutes.

The main application through which we will configure everything with you is the Mozilla Firefox browser, since it has a “Menu Bar”, through which you can go to “Tools” and from there to the “Settings” section to get not long.

Please note that it happens that the “Menu Bar” is hidden in the browser, in this case, click on the upper part of the browser window and select the “Menu Bar” item in the context menu.

In the new window, in its left part, there should be a “Privacy and Protection” button on which one click is performed, to go to the corresponding section of the system and after that, you can scroll the right part of the workspace of the window with settings to “Certificates”, where in the subsection, there will be a button "Protection Devices".

In the next new window, from the left - “Modules and protection devices”, select the “eToken” parameter with a single click of the mouse and then “unload” this process using the “Unload” button. Another couple of clicks on the "Ok" button to confirm their intentions for unloading and all.

Checking the actions you have done and the need to constantly enter the master password to access eToken in Windows 10 can be done as follows... You just close the Mozilla Firefox browser (you do not need to restart the system) and after that start the browser again and start using everything in the same mode as before the execution of the above instructions. If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to notice that the window with the eToken error and a constant password request, no longer manifests itself at all as.