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How to disable the speaker signal in Windows 10

How to disable the speaker signal in Windows 10

Today, we invite you to learn, how to disable the speaker signal in Windows 10, since the reason that the sound "peak" produces irritation, may be the greatest set. Of course, it makes no sense to list all, but the main reasons are as usual:

• pets as dogs who start very strongly and long to bark when they hear the speaker;
• small children who sleep and wake up from the «beep» sound;
• elderly parents, who are irritated by incomprehensible signal to them, and so.

All this, taken together, and makes the sound speaker, who always breaks the silence and tranquility.

In addition, some users computer system is configured so that they can hear the speaker, not only when the operating system starts, but also when receiving different kinds of system notifications, which is several times increases irritable, because the sounds «beep» on their computer reproduced an incredible array . So, with all that is necessary to do something and to your happiness, we know how to act...

To start, you need to make the opening on behalf of the administrator "command prompt" in Windows 10, and then, register the command «sc stop beep» from the command line and press «Enter».

The above action log enables you to turn off the speaker sound signal directly in the session as soon as you restart the operating system, the speaker will be re-enabled. The main advantage of this method is that you have the ability to disable the speaker temporarily - only one session, after which he will again become active.

Provided that you do not have enough to turn off the speaker only in the current session and you want to make it off and all subsequent sessions, then you need to do the following: open all the same command prompt as administrator and put this in her team «sc config beep start = disabled », and then, click on« Enter».

Now, you could entirely disable signal speaker on Windows 10, and it will no longer bother you, because you turn off this feature of the motherboard in all its forms, which is convenient, because it is sure to be used for your PC, which will be for you less irritable and quiet as possible.