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How to disable Smartscreen in Windows 10

How to disable Smartscreen in Windows 10

If you bought a full-fledged anti-virus, which has a firewall, then you should think about how to disable Smartscreen in Windows 10, as this firmware has one of the lowest levels of security, you do not what.

It should again be noted and that the removal of Smartscreen best done if you have a full-fledged antivirus and to remove this application without any third-party programs, you do not need!

1. It is necessary to make a trip through the SmartScreen "Control Panel" to simply look for using the "Search" SmartScreen application (sought by the eponymous request) and click on "Change settings".

2. Now, you just need to click on "Change Windows SmartScreen settings".

3. We make the choice of the parameter that you really need. In this case, the best option - a "Do nothing (turn off Windows SmartScreen)» and click on "OK".

4. Now, you need to disconnect the SmartScreen Filter, which is intended to check the URL.

To do this, go to Settings "confidentiality" and just tick the item "Off".

That's all! You managed to fully disable Smartscreen in Windows 10, so that the application does not bother you more and did not like not manifest itself in those situations when you do not need.

P.S. Note that Smartscreen in Win 10 - this is not a fullfledged antivirus, but only some - the minimum its "visibility", which can warn of a minimum of danger, but almost does not have a chance to prevent it.