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How to disable a full hibernation in Windows 10

How to disable a full hibernation in Windows 10

We would like today to tell you about, how to disable the full hibernation in Windows 10, since its use and the transfer of the personal computer in the hybrid mode, certainly there is the completion of the user's session, but at the same time, a file named «Hiberfil.sys» continues to work and begins to take on the hard drive as much memory as your PC RAM. Accordingly, it is necessary to understand that the "Quick Start" is directly related to "hibernate", which means that one without the other can not work.

That's just how to relate to each other were not the above processes, we still know how you can keep the function of "quick start" provided that "hibernation" will be completely turned off! The only thing is to understand that we will apply the method to disable hibernation completely, which will independently run the file «Hiberfil.sys» in the same way as when hibernation is enabled, but the disk space will be engaged for a lot less.

For starters, let's look at what would happen if we'll deploy the partial hibernation. To do this, we need the name of administrator open a command prompt in Windows 10 and make it perform the following command: powercfg / h / type reduced

If you do it right, you will notice that the hibernation file itself will be limited to a minimum of data information, only the kernel and the minimum number of system drivers that need to load.

If you need to make a return to the default hibernation file, then use the following command: powercfg / h / type full

Please note that if you could disable complete hibernation in Windows 10, there may be a problem that occurs when the condition that you have recently used command «powercfg hibernate size» to compress the hibernation file. The error appears at precisely the moment when it is turned on "limited mode" and it will appear as a warning - "Invalid parameter". In order to correct this error, you must make a «Hiberfil.sys» File unpacking «powercfg / hibernate / size 0" command, and only then, can include partial hibernation.