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How to crop video in Windows 10?

How to crop video in Windows 10?

Even though you can use your computer or laptop only in the side-chapels of your home and all the work you do on your device will be of an everyday nature, there will certainly be a situation when you need to cut the video in Windows 10. The emergence of this situation is due to the fact that this hour, quite a lot of versatile gadgets that have two, sometimes even 3 cameras, which makes a regular smartphone or tablet, a real professional camera or a first-class camera for video shooting. That's just not always, the footage you want to watch completely, because there are no rare situations when you need to edit them a little and that's where the average user starts the real problems. The main problem lies in the fact that it is not convenient to buy an expensive program for performing one-time video editing, not who does not want to, but to use weaker or partially-limited versions of such programs, since they often do not possess tools such as "scissors "/" Trimming ". That's why the developers of the "ten" decided to offer everyone a unique opportunity to edit the video, even at a primitive level, but with all the fully functioning tools that are enough to make a very good video from the clip , where a lot of excess.

How to crop video in Windows 10?

As it was already written above, we will use only standard features - system applications, which means that we will have to work with such an application as "Photos" and "Cinema and TV". The uniqueness of this work is that the "Photos" application has the ability to edit video, in particular, to crop it, but without running the "Cinema and TV" application, these features are simply simply not possible to implement. Thus, you must work in turn in both programs.

First, select the video you want to edit and run it in the "Cinema and TV" application, then go to the bottom right corner of the application and there, click on the "pencil" icon - this is the edit button. Now, before you opened a small context menu, where you can select the item "Crop".

Please note that after completing the above steps, you should be taken to the "Photos" application, where you will see that the video has frozen on some "freeze-frame". It remains only to refer to the "sliders" bar located at the bottom of the video in order to move a pair of "sliders" as you need (note that the part of the video that remains between the "sliders" will be untouched, everything else will be cut off). Now, you need to draw in the upper right corner of the "Photos" application, because there, there is a "Save As" button.

After saving the cropped video, the processed clip can be found in the same folder as the original. If necessary, you can also independently set the application the name of the folder where the video file will be saved. The saved video file will have an appendix in the form of "_Trim" at the end of its title.

As you can see, сrop video in Windows 10 is so simple and without third-party software that even a preschooler can solve this problem, who decided to edit the video shot by himself with a mobile phone.