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How to copy text from Windows 10 dialog boxes

How to copy text from Windows 10 dialog boxes

Agree that when you work at a computer, it is often, situations arise that just need to copy text from dialog boxes Windows 10, that's just not all users of the new know the operating system, as it can be done without the use of third-party programs and applications. For this reason, we will try to tell you today that we do in these situations and what comes out of it.

The process described below, can be used even under the condition that you have a need to copy text at the emergence of various kinds of dialog boxes that specify the error code, which in turn is not possible to remember, but for all that, the code along with all text, it is not highlighted.

Once in front of you opens the same dialog box, where you want to copy the text, press the "shortcut key» Ctrl + C (note that it is not trying to single out nothing need, just press Ctrl + C at the appearance of the window and all). This action will allow you to see the error message, but do not worry, because in any case, the text of the dialog that appears initially to be copied to the "clipboard".

Now, open any text document and using "hot keys» Ctrl + V paste it previously copied text from the dialog box.

Note that when the text is inserted, you'll see along with the main error message and additional tags that are used in programming and copy your message will look like the screenshot below.

It is clear that the text will be a lot of nonsense, but you must admit that here there is the main text of the error message that you directly and needed.

The only disadvantage of this method is that the copy text from dialog boxes Windows 10 in the so-called "universal application" will not work. But you will agree, plus this method is not small, as third-party applications do not have to use, especially since they often copy the text is not always correct, and the same can not remove the system tags.