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How to convert currencies to Windows 10?

How to convert currencies to Windows 10?

If you keep your savings in any currency, or if you have a need to constantly check different exchange rates, then you have already thought about: "How to convert currencies to Windows 10?"And for sure, you wanted this process to flow directly into the operating system environment, and not on a third-party Internet resource. Of course, in this situation, it might be possible to use third-party software, but that's just the need for it automatically disappeared after the software update came out in the face of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Thanks to this innovative update, it became easier to work with the system, because the system application "Calculator" was modernized and acquired new functionality that any user can use.

In order to take advantage of the new features of the system, you need to access the "Calculator" application and run it, after that, you go to the so-called "main menu" (looks like three parallel lines "≡") and in the opened menu, click under the item "Converter", an additional submenu will open and in it, you need to click on the "Currency" item.

Below each of the values, you can choose the currency you want to compare.

Immediately - in the main window of the program, you can see additional information that affects: the exact time of the last update of exchange rates, the exchange rates themselves, and so on.

If you do not want to wait for the system to update the exchange rates by yourself, then you should use the "Refresh tariffs" button, which will provoke the application to instantly update the data for currency pairs.

Thus, convert currencies to Windows 10 became even few times simpler, as the time spent on this process is at a minimum and at the same time, you get constant information that is really relevant.