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How to configure the Console in Windows 10?

How to configure the Console in Windows 10?

With constant work with the OS, users tend to customize it for themselves so that the program was not just convenient in terms of work, but also had a pleasant in their opinion the color gamut and transparency. This is what has become the main aspect for us today to tell you about how to configure the Console in Windows 10so that it can meet all your requirements and wishes.

What major changes can be made to the Console in Windows 10?

  • Color spectrum.
  • Transparency.
  • Replacing fonts.

How to configure the Console in Windows 10?

  • We will make all the settings with the help of the Console itself, and for this you need to do the following: open the Console in Win 10 -> we find the console icon at the top left -> click on the PCM Console icon -> a small menu opens, in which we need to click on the "Properties" button.

  • If you do everything right, you should open a dialog box called "Properties" -> go to the "Colors" subsection -> use a customized palette to select the most neutral color.
  • In order to immediately manipulate the transparency of the window, look for a scale with a slider called "Transparency". Scale, you have to move up or down until you pick the optimal percentage of transparency.
  • Do not forget about the fact that if necessary, you can set the fonts in Windows Console 10, which is just as convenient, although there are few fonts and you can not add them here. Now, we are interested in the "Fonts" tab -> choose the font you like -> click "Ok".

Of course, you can not make a lot of settings in the Properties window, but you should understand that even with this minimalism, the changes you made to the system look very cool, because your workspace starts to visually change and does not look like it was earlier.