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How to burn Windows 7 image to disk

How to burn Windows 7 image to disk

Using the operating system Win 7 years, many of its users are not even aware that the record iso-images possible even without the use of third-party software. It is clear that when writing the image by any of the above-mentioned means, the result of greater importance, but because there are situations that a program that could write the image is not installed in the operating system, and download it from the Internet is not possible. For this reason, you should still read the article How to write a Windows 7 image to disk using the "Recorder Windows disk images."

1. You need to download the official image of Windows. Download this image can be from our server, since there are plenty to choose from, and most importantly, all the images are the official versions from Microsoft you downloaded.

Once you have downloaded the iso-image (if it is in the archive, then unzip it), you will see just such an icon:

2. Now, double click on the icon with the image of Win 7 in order to open the built-in OS application window, titled "Recorder Windows disk images." It is necessary to insert the DVD-ROM and click "Record".

Of course, it is necessary to understand that the write the Windows 7 image to disk is "standard" tool that allows you to quickly and relatively high quality, come out of a seemingly hopeless situation, but on the other hand, the "standard" version of the software I do not have the options that offer third-party software. So, choosing the preinstalled software, you need to understand that everything in it has a minimalist look, but when you select a program for recording an image, you will have many more opportunities to customize the record itself image.

3. We expect that over Win 7 image recording and boldly begin to use this image in order to reinstall the operating system or perform a system recovery.