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How to add to autostart a universal Windows application

How to add to autostart a universal Windows application

Today, we will focus on that, how to add to Startup universal app Windows, as this though you may seem simple enough, and absurd task, which is very easy to solve, but many PC users simply just do not know how to be, when you really need to make so that the universal application Startup fully functioned.

In order to do the right, click on the shortcut «Win + R» and in the dialog box where the search string is list the command «shell: AppsFolder», then click on the button «Enter».

Now, before you should open a page where are various shortcuts for programs, choose from all your existing varieties, the shortcut you want to use, for example, we will work with the label of the program «wTorrent». Click on the label (in our example, this «wTorrent») using PCM and from the context menu select the point where we are invited to "Create Shortcut." Now, you should see a pop-up window where you will be warned that the shortcut may be created only on the "Desktop" and with this proposal we need to accept.

Push «Win + R» in window "Run" using the command: «shell: startup», which takes you to a folder called "Startup". In the "Startup", move to the "Desktop" shortcut created in the previous step.

Through the above steps, you will add to autostart Windows is a universal app that actually give you the opportunity at the next start of Windows 10, start the application automatically.

If you will not need the application to run in conjunction with the launch of the operating system, then simply go to the folder "Startup" and remove from it the added label.