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How do I reset an application in Windows 10?

How do I reset an application in Windows 10?

It's not uncommon for us, with us - average PC users, to want to install some new software, which in our opinion can bring to the use of a computer, something new. We search for the software we need in the Microsoft Store, install the software and in the end, we get not satisfaction, but some disappointment, because the program brings not joy, but harm, because it is because of it that the system starts to hang and other problems with OS . In this situation, you need to reset the application in Windows 10, which simply deletes all its stored data and together with them, the parameters also disappear.

Of course, one of you may think that this process is quite laborious and not simple, but in fact, there is nothing complicated in it and everyone can handle it. Therefore, do not be afraid of experiments and it's time to start tuning your system!

In order to reset a specific application, you must go to: "Options" → "Applications" → "Applications and Features."

To long not to go on the above described path, you can simply use "Search", which is located on the "Taskbar".

Now, be careful, since you must select the application that you are causing problems and only after that, you can click on the "Advanced Options" button.

In order to simplify your search, provided that you have several dozen applications, you can use "Search", which is located right there - above the list. With it, finding an application is not a problem at all.

If everything is done correctly, in a new window additional parameters of the application you selected, you will need to click on the "Reset" button again. After that, we make one more click on the "Reset" button, which allows us to confirm to the system that you are sure of your actions.

There are applications that the system perceives a little differently ... It is for this software, the OS offers to produce not "Reset", but "Restore". Due to this, saving in the software will remain untouched if it is important for you.

The application can be restored using a simple click on the Fix button.

So, as quickly as possible and most importantly simply, you managed to reset the application in Windows 10. It should also be noted that this way of setting up the software is suitable only for the software that you installed from the Microsoft Store, with all other programs, similar manipulations will not work. So, be careful at the time of "Reset" the software, so as not to configure the system for the software to which it is not available.