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How do I change the background of a folder in Windows 8?

How do I change the background of a folder in Windows 8?

Many of you have not yet started using the Windows 10 operating system and therefore, continue to work in the environment of its predecessor, which is referred to as Windows 8. And everything would be fine in this situation if a huge number of PC users periodically did not think about it that: "It's time to change something in your system..." At this very moment, most people are beginning to try to set something up and carry some visual changes in the OS... That's why you have to torment yourself with a huge number of manipulations with the system , if there is a possibility change the background of folders in Windows 8 and make the working environment programs more unique and interesting look. About this, we actually tell you and below ...

How do I change the background of a folder in Windows 8?

I just want to note that it's possible to perform the operation to replace the background in folders with my own hand, but it takes a lot of time and effort from any PC user, and if it does not make the settings correctly, problems with the functioning or visual display of folders in Win 8. For this reason, so that you do not encounter so many problems, we suggest using a small utility called "Folder Fon". The uniqueness of this utility is that it has: minimal weight, completely free and does not require installation.

Download the Folder Fon utility from any site and unpack the archive, then move the mouse cursor over the executable file and double-click with the left mouse button, which authorizes the launch of the utility and opens a small window where in its left part, a column, there will be several buttons, among which , you will need to click on the "Create directory", as it will allow you to specify the background folder for which you will change. Next, there is a button "Open Picture", which allows you to select the image that will be used as a background.

In addition, you should pay attention to the alternative features of the program, because it has the ability to offer a simple "fill" the background of the folder, which in some situations is very important.

Next, you will see how the additional utility window was opened, where you make a selection of a specific image to use it as a background and click on the "OK" button after making a selection.

It should also be noted that with the help of the above utility, you can not only change the folder background in Windows 8, but also make additional settings that will hide in the selection of the font color scheme.

Thus, after you make changes to the system with Folder Fon, the utility will probably be closed, and the color palette of the folder will remain the same as you did earlier.