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Guest account in Windows 10

Guest account in Windows 10

Some of the users of your PC, using your operating system is not completely on their own, as they have to share a single computer at work or in educational institutions. For this reason, we will now describe what a Guest Account in Windows 10 and how it can be created in the operating system, because the creation of this in the "tens" account runs a little differently, than in previous versions of Windows. This change log actions in terms of creating a guest account, it makes most people think that this function is no longer, and she at the very fact there is!

1. Go to the menu "Start" → "System Tools" → "Command Prompt" and click on it → RMB in the context menu select the item "Run as administrator".

2. prescribes command «net user Visitor / add / active: yes» → click «Enter». Please note that this place «Visitor» name can be assigned to any other that you want. The only thing is not to prescribe the name «Guest», as it is under the reserve system.

3. Produce create a password using the command «net user Visitor *» → click «Enter». Note that writing does not need the actual password, just enter the command without the quotes!

4. The remote user from the list of Windows 10 operating system users with the command «net localgroup users Visitor / delete».

5. This step allows you to add a user to the list of guest records. Just prescribes the following command «net localgroup guests Visitor / add».

That's all! Now, you can close the command prompt window as Guest Account in Windows 10 was created by you and you can easily find it in the list of users, and if necessary, you will have even the possibility of its easy to remove.