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Google Calendar for Windows 10

Google Calendar for Windows 10

It often happens that you and I have to use several devices for work that are completely different from each other... And everything would be fine in this situation, but if there was no need to constantly refer to the Calendar application, which when interacting with different devices, it is not very convenient to use without synchronization. Thus, many users resort to using the Calendar in their smartphone, or they constantly keep several identical calendars with notes on those devices on which they have to constantly work. Of course, at first it seems that this process is very complicated and time-consuming, but when you get used to it, it is not considered as such, although it continues to create some inconvenience, provided that the user continually turns to a new PC that does not have a fully populated calendar information. In such a situation there is nothing more practical than we can’t advise you, than to start using, as soon as possible Google Calendar for Windows 10.

It is clear that many users will rebel now and say that this is an additional installation of a third-party application in their computers and in part, they will be right, but if you drop a little deeper, it may turn out that this process of interaction with the Calendar on various devices with just one Google account - this is exactly what will change their lives very much... So, do not rush to give up what we are ready to offer you in the article below, because most likely, active users with dix "Calendar" in Windows 10, this method will love and they will take it on board.

Google Calendar for Windows 10

Since you and I will have to use the product that Google has developed, therefore, you need to create your own personal account in its system. The account is created as simple as possible, since the procedure does not take you much time, and will require a bit of care (usually, registration takes no more than 2-5 minutes). Account registration page can be found HERE.

Suppose you have registered a Google account and now you can go further, which means you need to complete the Google Sync process with the Windows 10 and for this you need to do the following: using your usual scheme, open the Calendar application located in Win 10 OS → in the expanded Calendar window, clicks “Parameters” → select the “Accounts” section → add an account using the means of the command of the same name - “Accounts” → from a small om the list shortcut menu, choose "the Google" → by entering their personal data - required "Username" and "Password" → and now, we can again refer to the section "Options" and select the "Calendar settings."

In general, the above actions will be enough for you to get the opportunity not only to log in to your Google Account, but to synchronize the existing Windows Calendar with what the Google search engine offers.


I would like to note that now, you can access the full Google Calendar for Windows 10 on any device, as it’s enough to use your “Login” and “Password” after a few seconds, even on a completely unfamiliar you device, you can view your familiar Calendar and, if necessary, make adjustments to it, which will be directly related to both your work and your personal life. With such a Calendar, which is available everywhere, you will not forget about important dates when.