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Formatting a USB drive in Windows 10

Formatting a USB drive in Windows 10

Many of you, even know what it really is, are a full-fledged USB drive formatting in Windows 10, since you are all used to using well-known methods that are not always effective... For this reason, we decided to tell you today what really is the formatting of the external drive, provided that not one of the "standard" methods, does not help you. In addition, the method described below is also ideal for those PC users who use third-party software for formatting, which is also unable to cope with the task assigned to it. Well, let's not talk long, but get down to business...

At the beginning, click on "Win + R", which will allow you to see a window called "Run" on the monitor screen, where you will have to insert the command "cmd" and click on the "Ok" button.

If everything is done correctly, you can see a completely black screen of the monitor with the command line, where again, you need to insert the command "format / fs: ntfs j: / q" and then click on "Enter".

If you are wondering what the above command "format / fs: ntfs j: / q" means, let's examine it in more detail:

• The "format" command allows you to activate the formatting itself.

• The command "/ fs: ntfs" allows you to select the file system for formatting, accordingly, you can choose everything you like: "NTFS", "FAT32" and so on.

• The "j:" command, the name of the external USB drive itself.

• The "/ q" command allows you to activate the quick formatting function.

Once you see a message on the monitor screen that you need to connect an external USB drive to the PC, just press Enter.

Note that in our example, an external USB drive is positioned as "J".

When a volume label appears, you do not need to press anything other than the "Enter" key.

If everything is done correctly and you have not made a mistake, formatting the USB drive in Windows 10 started fully and you should see windows similar to what you can see below.

P.S. The peculiarity of the above-described method is that it does not require you to use third-party software, and at the same time it has the ability to allow you to format even an external USB-drive without any problems, which for a long time, constantly, with formatting, had incomprehensible failures for you.