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Error Error loading operating system

Error Error loading operating system

For many years, the Error loading operating system error in operating systems developed by Microsoft keeps countless users at bay, and everything from the fact that few people know how to do it without reinstalling the OS. Yes, no matter how deadlocked it sounds, but it is the occurrence of this error that limits the user in the boot-up modes, since from time to time, the user selects a new OS boot option, and eventually sees only the black screen of the monitor with white letters bearing the following semantic load "Error loading operating system".

What is the cause of the error loading error operating system?

  • The first thing that is most often the cause of this problem is the conflict of components or partial failure of the "hard drive" of the computer.
  • The second, which is also often the cause of the error, is the system failure of the Windows operating system software.

How to correct error Error loading operating system?

Method 1 - shut down the computer and turn it on, as soon as the system starts loading, then press the corresponding key on the keyboard to get into the BIOS. Once you are in the BIOS, you need to go to the hard disk partition, you only need to select the "Access Mode" option, where the value "Large" is present. After making the right choice, you have to save everything and try again to boot the system.

Method 2 - we take a bootable DVD-ROM or USB-media, we reboot the system and when we run it again we go to the BIOS. In the BIOS itself, find the partition responsible for the download and put in the priority of the boot DVD-ROM or USB-drive. Now, you need to save everything and reboot the system. If everything is done correctly, you will notice how Win 10 offers you to use the recovery of the system with a specialized tool, but for this, you need to go to the command line and put the number "1" there, and then use the command "chkdsk / P / R "and it remains only to wait for the system to be restored and will be downloaded.

Method 3 - in order for the Error loading operating system error to disappear, you can use the bootable DVD-media or USB-media in the same way as in step 2, but only when you go to the command line, Choose an operating system that has damage and assigns the following commands in turn: fixmbr and Fixboot.

We hope that at least one of the three above-described ways to restore the efficiency of your operating system, you can use at 100%, and therefore, there is nothing to reinstall it!

P.S. After making changes to the BIOS - in priority of the Windows system boot, do not forget to return all settings to the same position in which they were before your intervention in the system.