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Error d3dx9 43 dll.

Error d3dx9 43 dll.

Active users of operating systems, for certain already could see on the screen of the monitor the message that there was an error d3dx9 43 dll. which blocks start of the concrete application. And in this situation, they began to try to solve their own problem on their own, trying to accomplish this: updating the OS, restarting the program, trying to use other versions of the application, and so on. But most likely, they had nothing to do and as a result, they had to refuse to work with the application, and maybe even from the launch of the game, which happens even more often. In order to minimize such situations, we decided to tell you how to deal with the d3dx9 error 43 dll., So that in the future, there were no various problems.

What is the error code d3dx9_43?

Here I'd like to note that "DLL" is a kind of dynamic library, which is used by completely different applications. In addition, it is the DLL that uses various components of the Windows operating system, which makes them work not just quickly, but also correctly. From all the above, in

this situation, we should only be interested in the location of the following libraries:

  • Windows \ System32 \ - for 32-bit systems
  • Windows \ SysWOW64 \ - for 64-bit systems

Thus, if you take as an example only the installed Windows 10 OS, you can see that there is no such component as "d3dx ?? _ ??. Dll" in it and can not be, because it is not preinstalled and it is necessary will additionally, using the well-known "DirectX".

How to install DirectX?

Initially, you should refer to the DirectX installation file, where exactly you take it, is not so important, since this is not important, it's much more important that the library file is not much outdated.

The installation process itself is not complicated, since you only need to click a "Next" button a couple of times and, as a result, make sure that this installation process is completed correctly.

Once the installation is complete, you can instantly find the missing file at the point where it should be located.

Feel free to try to run the application, which has an error when starting, because the problem should disappear.

Error d3dx9 43 dll. disappeared, but a new problem arose

There are situations when d3dx9 error 43 dll. disappears from the system, but the joyful user does not get from this moral pleasure, because he sees the appearance of a new error in the OS. There is a situation where you downloaded the installed library file from an unofficial resource or used its non-licensed version that was infected. If this is the case, then in this situation it is necessary to scan the system with Dr.Web anti-virus and, if a problem is detected, remove malicious software or, to treat the infected object.

Also, the reason for your new problems may be a trivial incorrect installation of DirectX, which means that you need to remove this element and reinstall it.

In addition, you can try to install the library in the system in manual mode, and for this you need to do the following:

  • We transfer the library component to one of the folders "System32" or "SysWOW64";
  • We click simultaneously on Win + R and go to the "Run" window and enter "regsvr32" + library name in the search field (it looks like this: regsvr32 d3dx9_43.dll);
  • It remains only to reboot the PC and most likely, your problem will be completely and completely solved.

Just like that, you can simply fix d3dx9 43 dll error, which for some of you is a real nightmare that breaks into your computer life again and again.