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Error 633 in Windows 10

Error 633 in Windows 10

If you have a error 633 in Windows 10, do not panic much, since the occurrence of this error is a fairly well-known problem that occurs in quite a large number of PC users and laptops, and therefore, it is necessary in the first Turn to try to find out the reasons for the occurrence of error 633, and then, to eliminate them.

Reasons for error 633 in Windows 10

  • Very often, the error manifests itself in those users who have more than one remote access connection. There is a situation that one of the programs, by default, tries to connect to the Internet connection, but an error occurs, and therefore the program takes up a modem and error 633 remains in it "hang".
  • Another frequent manifestation of the error on your computer can be the use of questionable managers or programs that work in the direction of auto-dialing to customers, or use an autonomous connection to the Internet and its repeated use without the participation of the user of the PC.
  • Also, it is possible that you attempted to connect to the Internet using a dial-up connection from the "Network Connections" folder, but this attempt was completely unsuccessful, and therefore the port was busy, therefore, when trying to reconnect, error 633 Will be visible to you already clearly.

How to troubleshoot 633 in Windows 10

  • When using any USB modem, regardless of the operator, you can try to reconnect the modem by means of changing the USB port. This method is very effective, since you just need to stick the USB-modem into a new USB port and you will immediately see that the operating system has found a new device, and consequently your device, will be able to get a new COM-port in which there is still no error.
  • You should try to abandon all programs that use the Internet connection in automatic mode. The list of such programs can include: programs with automatic redial, managers, watchdog applications, synchronizers, etc.
  • You can try to use the settings of the modem program, which will allow you to change the type of connection, where you can change the checkmarks in places with the "connection type" from RAS to NDIS.
  • Well, and probably the most commonly used way to get rid of the appearance of error 633 in Windows 10. First of all, you need to load the operating system in "Safe Mode", this is done by rebooting the OS and pressing F8 keys on the keyboard several times during the system startup. Once the system is loaded, find the "Control Panel" in it and open it, now go to "Add or Remove Programs" or "Programs and Components" and here, you need to remove all the drivers that are connected to your modem. Also, you should remove all programs that use the modem by default (as an option, you can just disable such an autoloader). Once you are done with the deletions and shutdowns, then reboot the OS and go into it in normal mode, after which, again try to install the drivers of your modem from the drive that comes with the device.

We hope that one of the ways described by us will help you to make sure that the error 633 in Windows 10 disappears once and for all!