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Error 0xc1900101 0x20017 when you upgrade to Windows 10

Error 0xc1900101 0x20017 when you upgrade to Windows 10

In fact, error 0xc1900101 0x20017 when you upgrade to Windows 10 appears in all sorts of people are not frequent, but still there and although this error is very common and it is not "fresh", it is still no clear answer what is happening with the OS update when that starts such a plan problems.

In order to be more clear, let us explain that in 99% of cases, the error is 0xc1900101 0x20017 arises in situations where the user is trying to upgrade from an earlier version of the Windows operating system until late (at the moment, the latest version of the OS - it's Windows 10 ). All would be nothing, that it was during the occurrence of the above error, and notebook PC users are faced with the fact that the computer constantly reboots during a reboot, rolls back to the version of the operating system, which is updated and up to "tens". It turns out a kind of vicious circle, which does not allow you to work the operating system, because the error does not always occur immediately, often takes 10-15 minutes to upgrade to Windows 10, and the error appears again, that pravotsiruet rollback system. Such rollbacks system can be countless and if you try to perform all the steps in turn, as described below, you will not be able to update, except that you will make a complete reinstallation of the operating system.

That's not a big list of reasons due to which there may be errors in the upgrade to Windows 10:

1. The incompatibility with third-party Antivirus. In this case, we suggest that you remove all antivirus software, even if you only use a firewall.

2. Perform a full update drivers on your computer. And, install the driver, it is better not only the newest, but also the most stable.

3. During the upgrade of the operating system, it is best not to use a Wi-Fi connection, so it may be unstable and will lead to the fact that you will constantly appear a system failure.

4. We recommend to pull out of USB-ports all third-party gadgets: USB-flash drive, an external HDD, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, WEB-cameras, and so. Leave only the mouse and keyboard that have a wired connection to a PC.

5. Another way to cope with the problem, looks like opening a command line, enter it in the command «sfc / scannow» to launch the so-called «Windows recovery tools." This method allows a Windows self-scan all system files and, if necessary, to recover them.

For the most part, error 0xc1900101 0x20017 when you upgrade to Windows 10 at the implementation of all the methods described above, probably will be gone, as it is possible to deal with, but just for that, you must find your own - a particular method that is right in your case, because one single panacea to deal with error 0xc1900101 0x20017 for all the computers there.