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Error 0xc0000022 in Windows 10 at startup

Error 0xc0000022 in Windows 10 at startup

Error 0xc0000022 in Windows 10 at startup refers to those operating system errors that do not have a clear problem, and therefore this kind of error occurs every time in different situations and with various failures in the OS. But no matter how it was, and yet, we can tell you what exactly you can have the reasons for the error and what points you will need to check first to eliminate the error as soon as possible.

If you installed the application on behalf of the user, and then want to run it as an administrator, you may have problems. In this case, you need to test this hypothesis by going to the system with administrator rights and trying to start the application. If the application starts, then you need to delete it and install it on your system beforehand by going into it with user rights. If the application does not start even after you log into the system with administrator rights, then this error correction option 0xc0000022, does not work for you.

  • If the error 0xc0000022 occurs when you try to run legacy applications that are already 10 or more years old, then we suggest you use "compatibility mode".
  • In order to activate the "compatibility mode", you need to right-click on the application / game icon -> in the context menu select the "Properties" -> go to the tab with the name "Compatibility" -> select the Start the program in compatibility mode With: "where you need to select" Windows XP (Service Pack 3)".
  • If it happens that the application will not start, then use other options for starting the software, but only with other parameters that are relevant to the version of OS XP.

  • Also, error 0xc0000022 in Windows 10 at startup may occur provided that you recently updated the drivers to the latest version.
  • In order to roll back the drivers, you need to go to the "Task Manager" -> find the arrow near the "Video adapters", click on it -> make the choice of a discrete video card by right clicking on it -> as soon as the context menu opens, then Select the item "Properties" -> in the next window that will open again, open the "Drivers" tab -> click on the "Rollback" button.

  • Another cause of error 0xc0000022, may be obsolete software in the face of drivers. Accordingly, you need to go to the official site of developers of your hardware and from there, download all the drivers you need.

  • We advise you the same way, update DirectX, do it better from the official Microsoft website.

  • A more critical way to fix the error 0xc0000022, can be the rollback of the Windows 10 operating system.
  • Try to abandon the pirated software that you could install recently.
  • Also, we advise you to check your computer for viruses, since they too can be the cause of a different plan of errors.

The list above will surely help you fix the situation where error 0xc0000022 in Windows 10 starts up, since we tried to compile in this article the most current methods for eliminating the error, for you it was fruitful And as simple as possible.