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Error 0x80070091 the folder is not empty. How to delete?

Error 0x80070091 the folder is not empty. How to delete?

For example, suppose you have a error 0x80070091 folder is not empty and when you try to delete a folder, you can not do this. It's clear that you immediately start to resent and try to reboot the system in order to disable the process that uses a folder that can not be deleted, but you see again the message about the inability to delete the folder. In this case, you are already trying to turn off the computer and wait a bit and after a while, again begin vain attempts to delete the folder. After there is nothing the above does not help you, you decide to start using a third-party utility that can turn off all processes that affect the folder at the moment and see that even a specialized software can not help you in this.

It would seem that a desperate situation is emerging, but if you drop a little deeper, it becomes clear that not everything is as terrible as it seems initially, it's just worthwhile to understand and understand everything:

  • What exactly is the problem with deleting a folder from the system?
  • What should I do to delete a folder that is not deleted?

Why can not I delete a folder from Windows?

If we try to consider the above-mentioned question, then it is necessary to move, at least in two directions, since it is them that should be considered the main ones, all the rest are additional / accompanying problems that are not basic:

  1. The folder you are trying to delete is busy with some process. Here, in fact, everything is simple, since it's worth rebooting the Windows operating system, as the folder is immediately freed and you can delete it.
  2. Damage to the hard disk file system. This damage can be associated with anything: unsuccessful software installation, unsuccessful software removal, power surges, virus attack, exit from the full-operational state of one of the sectors of the hard drive and the like.

If the first option is more or less clear, then in the second, it is necessary to tinker, as there are a number of ways to solve the problem and eliminate it.

What should I do to remove a folder that can not be deleted from the Windows system?

In order to get rid of the following problem: Error 0x80070091 the folder is not empty, you must wake up to work a bit with the utility that is present in any system and has the name "Chkdsk".

For those who do not know, the utility Chkdsk has the ability to fully scan hard drives and identify on them the bad sectors that fail. Also, the application can find those files in the system that have some kind of damage.

The Chkdsk utility is started using the "Command line", where you should register the command "chkdsk / f / r". After that, you have to choose one of two options for running the utility itself, as:

  1. The utility will start here and now after the Windows operating system is rebooted and the system hard disk is scanned.
  2. The utility will start without restarting the operating system, but in this case, the partition will be scanned, which is not related to the system HDD.

The process of scanning by the utility Chkdsk is not long, but it is worthwhile to understand, the larger the hard drive and the more occupied space for files on it, the longer the scanning will take.

After the scan is completed, the Chkdsk utility will show you those places in the system or on the hard drive that are damaged. After scanning, the utility will restore the file system or hard disk, which in the future will allow you to delete and not see the message that there is a error 0x80070091 folder is not empty.

Very important moments in this process of scanning the system is the fact that in some (especially complex cases) Chkdsk does not have the ability to fully (100%) complete the scan - it can only mean that the error is very critical and to correct it, You need to find software that is more powerful than the above utility.